UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Fisher Investments

Course Overview

Course OverviewIn this course, Fisher Investments explores critical issues relating to investment management and focuses on real world applications: "How to think like a money manager."

Students will:

  • Create and manage a hypothetical stock portfolio in a semester-long project using a top-down investing philosophy.
  • Learn the basics of formulating investment objectives, establishing an investment policy, performing standard investment-related calculations, developing capital markets technology, applying portfolio management techniques.
  • Discuss and debate current events and how they affect capital markets.
  • Gain understanding of today’s investing landscape and the challenges investors face.

Class Structure:

  • The first 30 minutes of each class will be used to discuss current financial events and their effect on capital markets. Student participation in this portion of class will be monitored.
  • The first seven weeks of class provide history, context, and analysis on the current investment landscape and key issues facing investors and managers.
  • The remaining eight weeks of the class will be used as a workshop: Each student will be responsible for creating a "memorandum for investment" using the top-down investment method. The instructor will guide students through each portion of the project.